Nov 3, 2019


Paul often refers to the Church as the body of Christ.  In both Ephesians 4:15 & Colossians 1:18 he states that Christ is the head of the Body, his Church.  1 Corinthians 12 is a chapter which describes how individual members can use their unique gifts to promote unity & diversity within the Body.  In Ephesians 4 Paul urges the leaders of the Church to train & equip their members for works of service.  He goes on to describe a maturation process that leads to unity, support, & growth.  The Body, Paul says, will build itself up in love as each individual part does its work.

With this concept of body building in mind, we are introducing CORE, a once a month opportunity to join with other members of the Body here at LCC for love, support, growth, & unity through teaching, worship, prayer, & other interaction.  CORE is designed to be different than just another Sunday evening service.  It will be an intentional focused hour for those who wish to come together with fellow members of our Body to find strength & purpose that lovingly come when we each learn to activate our individual & collective gifts.  As leaders, we wish to help you develop your core, those gifts graciously given to you by Christ, so that you can serve not only here at LCC, but in the world as well.

The desire for a regular event designed to care for & grow the Body here at LCC came from your elders.  Then, with input & support from our staff, CORE was birthed. CORE is not intended to be put together & run by our paid staff.  CORE will not be lead by your elders every month.  Any involvement from your staff or elders is because they are a part of the LCC Body & wish to share their gifts with their fellow members.  The hope is that anyone who desires to exercise their gifting for the greater good of the collective Body will see these monthly events as an opportunity to do so.  Over time, CORE will help each of us indentify, mature, & exercise our gifts.