Blog Entries - 2017

Merry Christmas!

December 14, 2017

I read the following comments this week from the Life Application Study Bible on Luke 2:7 and I wanted to share it with you this morning: “Although our first picture of Jesus is as a baby in a manger, it must not

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Christmas KickOff

Christmas Kick Off

November 6, 2017

  Christmas Kick-Off @ LCCSunday, November 26th – 6:30 pm A CHRISTMAS SING-ALONG CONCERTFeaturing singer/songwriter Ron Bridgewater This concert will be free; however, Ron represents CMF international and

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Message from Preacher B

Tragedy in America

October 5, 2017

  Many of us awoke Monday morning in shock over the details of a shooting in Las Vegas.  It was hard to fathom that one man from a hotel room had many guns, killing nearly 60 individuals and wounding over

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Hurricane Harvey Relief Trip

Hurricane Relief Trip

September 28, 2017

It is time to get some “flesh into the game” and head to Texas.  IDES (International Disaster Emergency Service) has contacted LCC and I have since been in communication with “Current Christian

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Livestream - Loveland Christian Church

Livestream - Part II

September 21, 2017

Welcome to week 2 of our teaching series “Livestream”.  The foundation of this series is a verse found in I Timothy 4:16 which we are calling “God’s Livestream Plan”.  This week I

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Message from Brian


September 19, 2017

  Welcome to week 1 of our teaching series “Livestream”. I am excited to share passages in I Timothy chapter 4, especially centering in on verse 16 which says: “Watch your life and doctrine

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