How to Use Social Media

Posted on: March 22, 2017
Message from Brian

Using your social media is a great way to represent LCC, and “be the church” for the people within your influence.  It’s a non-pressure way to get the word out about who we are, and what’s happening in the life of your home church.  Your friends are more likely to ask you questions or attend when invited by YOU than to go or attempt to do research on their own.    Better yet, there is no cost to using social media unlike mailers; which are increasingly unsuccessful. People are also spending progressively more time connected to electronics:

  • 7/10 adults are currently using social media
  • The average adult checks their social media 17 times per day
  • The average adult spends over 10 hours per day consuming electronic media

How can you help:

Hashtag!  As we continue to work on the brand of the church so that people can recognize us from other churches, you will see us use our official hashtag (#) more often.  Hashtags are used to search for a specific subject.  By using LCC’s hashtag people will see not only items the church posts, but the posts of others also.  Please help us promote LCC by including the hashtag when appropriate.  The official hashtag of LCC is:  #allinlcc

Engage!   If you have gone through our discipleship curriculum, you understand that as Christ’s disciple you should “engage” in His work on this earth.  You can help LCC by getting the word out.  We need people to LIKE our posts, COMMENT on our posts, AND SHARE our posts!  Sharing our posts allows your friends to see what is going on.  Use the posts to invite your friends to events or provide inspiration to them. Check in through Facebook when you are at church – this tiny step allows your friends to know you are actively involved in the family of God here at LCC and may encourage them to check it out.

Participate!  If there is a Love Challenge - like, share, comment/share about how it challenged you personally or what you were able to do for someone in Jesus name. Sharing allows others to see how you were impacted and inspires them to share also. Feel free to use social media during the service to send out an inspiring quote from the message or lyric from a song that spoke to you.  We want to point others to Jesus…and away from ourselves when we do this!  

Invite!  Use our graphics to invite others to events.  In the coming weeks, you will see a banner for photo opportunities.  Bring your phone and have your picture taken inviting others to church by tagging them and Loveland Christian Church.  We will be utilizing this as a primary way to get the word out for our Easter services this year.