June 25, 2017
News from Preacher B

Your preacher, his family and our ministry intern, David will not be around this coming week.  No, we are not headed out to a campground or take a trip of various amusement parks. We will be attending the North American Christian Convention in Kansas City, Missouri.  What is the NACC?  Glad you asked.  I borrowed this from their web page ( The North American Christian Convention is an annual gathering of Christians for worship, preaching, teaching, fellowship, and networking. The North American Christian Convention exists to provide ideas, inspiration, and identity to Restoration Movement Churches, ministries, and their leaders.

Each Summer the NACC gathers in a different city and tens of thousands ministers, missionaries, elders, deacons, college professors, ministry partners and church members gather to study, grow, fellowship and worship together.  I can honestly say that it is the spiritual high point for the Richard family each year.

Would you like to join us?  Since it is unlikely that many of you will be able to drop everything and follow us out to Kansas City tomorrow, I have a better idea!  Catch the main sessions through live broadcasts from the NACC webpage ( David Herbert and I will use our social media platforms to let everyone know the times of these sessions.  We will also be sharing several FACEBOOK LIVE videos during our week in KC.

Please pray for travel mercies as well as for God’s Holy Spirit to move and work as we seek education, refreshment and vision through the NACC. 


See you next Sunday!

Preacher B