Unleashed Campaign Update

May 8, 2017
Message from Brian

Last Sunday morning I was given a great opportunity to share the history and our current status on our mortgage debt elimination.  It was very exciting to sense and hear the enthusiasm in the room as I shared the report.  However, there was a lot of information and it was shared very quickly.  In order to be more intentional in sharing information in a variety of ways, I felt it would be important to share the report in written form.  The following is the report as I read it from the platform last Sunday.

Our “What-if?” campaign kicked off on Nov. 2015, with a mortgage debt of $150,819.00 

By May 2016 we had raised $95,916 and paid the mortgage debt down to $54,903.00

We concluded the “What-if?” campaign in the summer of 2016.  From June 2016 – December 2016 we continued to pay our monthly mortgage payment from the General Fund.

We developed a team to do another campaign in January 2016 and came up with UNLEA$HED! The Mortgage debt at the start of this campaign had fallen to $48,910.00   

Campaign began with leadership in February and congregationally in March of 2017

We continue to pay our monthly mortgage debt of $713.14 from our General Fund. 

Total Unlea$hed gifts received as of April 27th was: $22,327.13   

Unlea$hed money applied to principal:

Paid on mortgage on 2/28/17              $12,944.63
Paid on mortgage on 4/24/17                $9,358.50       
Total applied to principal:                     $22,303.13                                                  

Mortgage balance as of April 30, 2017 is $24,309.42              

In two months we paid off about 50% of the Kickoff amount!  Our prayer is that the “Unlea$hed” campaign will end on August 31st with 100% paid and LCC being DEBT FREE!!!

Our Unlea$hed Celebration will take place on Sunday, September 10th at 6 pm.  The band “64 To Grayson” will be performing.  A special guest will be speaking.  A representative from the bank will be in attendance to burn the debt.  A catered meal will be provided.  PLACE THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR TODAY!!!

Preacher B