UNLEA$HED Campaign

February 10, 2017  |  Unleashed
Unleashed Mortgage Elimination Campaign


The official start date for our Unlea$hed campaign is Sunday, March 5th. The campaign runs through Sunday, August 27th with a Celebration Service scheduled at 6:30 pm on Sunday, September 10th!  In the few weeks since our Family Gathering, where we made the official announcement of this campaign, we have seen God’s hand of blessing with $11,776 already being given.  In addition to the gifts that have already been received, we have collected 5 additional pledges of support toward the campaign. PRAISE GOD!!!

While this is all great news, we also realize for this $48,000 mortgage debt to be eliminated in six months everyone must contribute, not in equal gifts, but in equal sacrifice. Where do you begin?


Unleashed Campaign Promo Video

First of all, PRAYER!  Ask God how He wants to use you in giving sacrificially. 

Secondly, DO WITHOUT!  Gather your family together to discuss or if you are single decide in your heart what you can “do without” or “give up” for six months in order to pledge that amount to the campaign.

Thirdly, PLEDGE! Complete a pledge card and tear it at the perforation, placing one side into the box on the welcome center in the foyer and holding onto the other side as a prayerful reminder. 

Finally, GIVE!  Place your check or cash into the special envelope located on the welcome center in the foyer into the offering plate on Sunday.  You can also give to Unlea$hed by using our online giving option. The online giving process is explained in a pamphlet located on the welcome center.